Consideration for Applicants

If you take the following points to heart and prepare your application based on this road map, you will be guaranteed to leave a positive first impression:

… your application reaches us via e-mail and is addressed to eva.boesche (at) 

… it is compact in the form of a PDF file

…  even in the online age, your application follows classic standards and formal guidelines:

  • Cover letter: short, concise, information regarding desired position and department/discipline (creation, Wsnor, social media, project management), possible start date, and desired period of employment (if applicable)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certificates & work samples: if you want to send us a large amount of data, include a download link (WeTransfer, Dropbox & Co) in your application.
… we expect genuine interest in a position, which means that you should inform yourself in advance about the services we offer and include this information in your application.