Changing your perspective with Wildstyle Network

Well, now you have met us visually. Once again, we would like to deepen your understanding of who we are and what we do: we are an agency that customizes and tailors campaigns and supports digital transformation. Our award-winning work reaches people – digitally and in real life, and this in a particularly sustainable way...

With over 30 pros at three locations

Our choice of location helps us to produce creative and technological excellence.
While our Berlin colleagues put the emphasis on Lifestyle Influencer, our team in Brooklyn, New York is working on new technologies and visual creative input from the trendy metropolis.
Our mother ship in Dresden, on the other hand, develops technologies, advises brands, and transforms ideas into outstanding designs. Here our production and design is detail-oriented, anticipated by our teams in the melting pot.

Creative ideas and solutions – internationally recognized

Be it a branded digital radio station, which we will make into the most listened to online radio station in a short time, or a one-night stay at an "Experience Hotel" for Lifestyle Influencers, or the development of the Nerdomat, a surprise automat (more here) – we enjoy taking unusual paths and love to surprise the brand conscious public with new ideas.

Ingenious content makes you want to buy brands and creates 61% more leads

We are pioneers of the end of the traditional campaign culture. We know that "360 degrees" does not work without "ingenious" content. For users to follow a brand on the social web, relevant content is the decisive criteria..
We also know that only few companies are really capable of producing this content. We claim that we are one of the few who know that content marketing is the billboard of the 21st century. In this we rely heavily on the visual power of images. Animated or moving. Long lasting and powerful.

The social web – we are shaping it too!

Many talk of "Social Media", but we shape the "Social Web".
Interaction between people and brands does not begin with tweets and posts. But they are part of it.
We shape the social web by developing our own technologies, bringing people and brands together and stimulating a particularly high degree of engagement.
We write posts, tweets, and content about the basics of our work, but we also focus on social listening – how people feel about a brand – and on our own branded communities, applications, and smart social web campaigns.
Our platforms include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and social video platforms. There we live! Lifestyle Influencers, be they local or international, are our start buttons.

Startup culture requiring constant innovation

In our everyday work at the agency, we continually learn new things, particularly from the startups we funded and developed in part ourselves. With respect to the other companies, we check the marketability of their business models, mechanics, technologies, and communication ideas.
In particular, we regularly transfer speed, agility, constant change, constant investment, new technologies, and much curiosity from our startup teams to our workplace. With the WSN partner FUND I, we invest and develop in the early stages of a startup – incidentally without client orders – a unique approach among agencies.

  • – a New York City startup redefining the field of "Keep, Share, and Discover" with software and new technology. The solutions of have not only made the startup founded in 2012 profitable, but they are also used in a sustainable way by top brands in the United States and Europe.
  • Little Bird – the kindergarten problem everyone knows! Little Bird has solved it with creative thinking, new processes, an outstanding team, and unique premium software.
  • – the world's fastest payment system and mCommerce platform. Holyo is on its way to becoming the high speed marketplace for entertainment. Be it credit for the Xbox or direct purchases for Nintendo, Holyo has shortened the value chain and made it more profitable. As an aside, very important tools were created for brands. Wildstyle Network supports your company with gaming know-how and technologies.
  • Studio Otto NY – already in Stealth mode, Studio 8 manages to turn the U.S. fashion industry upside down. New York is its home and Italy the origin of the fashion startup.

Learn more about our startup portfolio here.