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Social Media & eCommerce

6 Six million fans, followers, and subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks are attended to, observed, and involved by us. Our clients, such as Xbox, Windows Phone, and Corona, benefit from our services and the targeted application of social commerce, which ensures the ROI and makes channels profitable.

The right strategy for success on the Social Web

Social media has long been established as a key element of online marketing. Why? Social media marketing has proven to create sustainable values and stimulate sales by social eCommerce! Platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr offer a myriad of starting points and plenty of potential for companies and brands! But how are we to exploit this potential? Social Media Managers in particular are faced with this question. We will design the right social media strategy for you–it will make the difference between success and failure!

What basic principles do we follow when communicating through social media channels? We rely on dialogue and actively involve the user. With our professional editorial service and the comprehensive monitoring of opinions, we understand the needs and interests of a given target group and deliver relevant content. Through strong design and creative mechanisms, our social media and mobile apps gain user commitment and ensure an enjoyable user experience. We also give space to users, encouraging them to contribute content themselves and in doing so actively shape the social web. We think and act not just in online worlds. We take social media events and campaigns across multiple platforms and into people’s actual environment. By creating the right social media communication with the right strategy,  we will strengthen the character of your brand! We provide to you:

  • Consulting, Concept, Strategy
  • Community Management and Content (multi-platform, multi-language)
  • Creation/Design
  • App Development (desktop and mobile)
  • Social eCommerce
  • Monitoring & Analytics

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