A heart for nerds

With an extraordinary 360° image campaign, Wildstyle Network drew attention to the Microsoft brand and products and generated over 250 million contacts in the university student audience. Unusual Ooh-actions directly on university campuses and various social media activities, as well as PR and advertising campaigns on a wide variety of channels, ensured positive communication of the issues and promoted a lively exchange of hardware and software.

The focal point of communication on the campus: the world's first interactive NERDOMAT! On a nationwide tour at universities in Germany and equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, 20 automats presented students with nerd gimmicks for a period of 3 years. Students could also win different Windows 7 software packages while playing on the Nerdomats.

The web sites (branded and unbranded) associated with the campaign received great digital feedback. Not only was communication about products propelled on all sites–there was also room for discussions and nerd-statements by students.

The campaign received prominent support by Blumentopf. The band staged an exclusive concert on campus to celebrate National Nerd Day, which was launched by Windows. Comedian Olaf Schubert also supported the campaign at universities by giving lectures on Windows 7 and Cloud.

A heart for nerds!