Wildstyle Network with its Early-Stage WSN VALLEY FUND I supports startups and invests capital and development resources in founding and startup teams. Our focus is on software, mobile and web technologies. As a partner, we provide support to startups beyond their successful launch, i.e. during their period of growth.


Compass.to is a mobile social network, in which personal moments, memories, favorite music and locations, as well as photos and videos may be collected and shared with friends in Collections. Your own personal Compass may become the inspirational Compass for other users when visiting the same site. Compass.to shows that location-based services still have plenty to offer. It is committed to making "social media" once again "social", to bring people together–especially through the power of mobile applications. With Compass.to, Wildstyler is developing new know-how and in particular, technologies never seen before.

Our ten criteria for involvement & investment:

  1. We do not invest in mere ideas. There are millions of them. There must be some substance in the implementation! Our investments start at €50,000 and reach the medium five-digit numbers. It is not necessary that you are already an established GmbH, AG, or Corp. The location should be in Europe or New York.

  2. We examine teams, whether experienced or inexperienced, very carefully. We like character, diversity and ingenuity.

  3. A prototype or mock-up of a product or service should be displayable. 

  4. We like consumer & culture concepts, as well as startups in the mobile technology sector, but we do not categorically exclude other areas, such as B2B concepts.

  5. The business plan must be scalable and have significant market potential.

  6. Wir mögen eine unkonventionelle Herangehensweise und das Hinterfragen von Konventionen aus etablierten Industrien.

  7. We like an unconventional approach and the questioning of conventions of established industries.

  8. The last 6-12 months: we want to know what the founding team has learned and what progress has been made.

  9. Inferno: Show us how, with little use of resources, what objectives have been achieved.

  10. We don't ask "What, if something goes wrong?", but want an answer to "What, if it works?"

Please send compelling pitches to steve (at) wildstyle-network.com