Simply Saxony

Since May 2013, The Free State of Saxony uses the image campaign "So geht saechsisch" [Simply Saxony], initiated by Ketchum Pleon, to advertise for the State. Since then, Wildstyle Network has served as the digital home of the campaign. The CMS based web site is bilingual and easily accessible, and was designed and implemented in Responsive Design. With success stories related to topics such as tourism, economy, culture, education, sports, and life in the most beautiful German state, the people, makers and shakers will get a chance to speak. Another focus is the presentation of strong photo images making you want to go to Saxony.

In addition to the campaign website, Wildstyle Network implemented more accompanying measures, online banners and micro-sites, e.g. a special website on the flood of 2013. To present Saxony as an attractive tourism destination, “Angels” as Ambassadors of Saxony, carrying over-sized frames, went on a tour of Germany in the summer of 2013. Wildstyle Network was responsible for the planning, implementation, and their digital presence. For the launch of the first national TV ad campaign, we will continue to show what’s happening on