Microsoft Lookup App

All insights from products, apps and useful information about Microsoft bundled in one platform - always up-to-date, always available.

That´s the main idea for the Microsoft Lookup App - designed and developed by us. Wildstyle Network handles the complete process of strategy and concept, mobile implementation, design and user experience, as well as the complete communication. 

So we decided to create a platform that allows users, resellers and Microsoft employees to keep up-to-date with current Microsoft topics and products. This includes every news from chosen resources, the newest devices, accessoires, event information, product knowledge and promotions.


+ latest news and videos from technology, multimedia and software

+ detailed information about current devices with the unique device finder. The device finder is tailored to individual preferences and provides an export function

+ fitting information for the most relevant accessories

+ individual filter options to keep the most important information in view

+ promotions to for all relevant Microsoft offers bundled

+ product and marketing knowledge for all products as a highlight for all resellers (gated content)

+ training & webinar + industry event information

+ available for Windows 10 (Mobile), iOS 9+ and Android 4.1+


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