We are not only passionate designers, but also business developers and psychologists

With a data-driven and psychological understanding of users, we design and develop digital products and product strategies that meet the highest standards of usability, technology, and communication. With our Wildstyle Experience Framework, we find dynamic gaps that companies can use for competitive advantage.

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Believe in process – from business intelligence to UX strategy and UX/UI design to the digital product

Impact comes especially from our cross-functional team approach: certified business model designers, user researchers, and UX strategists, UI & frontend designers, communication designers, and product developers work together functionally with the technology and software architecture. As an ISO9001-certified agency, we safeguard all quality and data management processes.

Case: Paigo - From classic debt collection to digital fair debt collection

With our international team, we managed the digital transformation from a classic debt collection company to the digital brand Paigo, which puts people at the centre. UX development played a decisive role in this:

Business Modelling

Business & revenue models and value proposition design, digital innovation

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UX Research

User demographics: user goals & challenges, define metrics & form hypotheses

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UX Strategy & Design

User journey mapping, persona development, user scenarios, wireframes, prototyping, information architecture, interaction design

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  UI Design
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UI Design

Design concept, UI innovation, mood boards, mock-ups, graphic design, typography

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Usability tests, eye tracking, online/offline interviews, usability tests in the lab, guerrilla tests, observation, session recordings

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iOS, web and native development, white label development, design system development, software prototyping

UX design process

Business intelligence, Product strategy

The UX strategy is the core and is defined considering data and analyses of business intelligence. Not only the digital products contribute to this, but also communication and experience.

User analysis, competitor analysis, exploration, user journey development, persona development

After a detailed exploration and user analysis, including persona development, the UX concept is developed. When setting up the user journeys, the focus is always on the user. Because only an intuitive user experience leads to financial success.

Prototypes, wireframes, information architecture, development

The next step is to design the information architecture (IA) to build wireframes and initial prototypes. These steps help to make theses verifiable. 

A/B Testing, Usability Testing, Remote Testing

Wireframes and prototypes are extensively tested in representative test groups, either to confirm theses or to further develop the products with the insights gained. 
This iterative process is carried out until the product is optimal on the user and company side. All results are subject to the preceding strategy and should always be checked against it.

UX design for brands and organisations

Award winning UX design

Together with our national and international clients, we are regularly rewarded for our excellent performance. 

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